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Free Escort Ads Anyone?

The internet has evolved quite a bit since I got into the escort business many years ago.  When I first started as an escort advertising online there were a few sites to pick from all of them charging quite a bit per month.  They were providing some great service and some really good credibility to the industry.  I got a lot of traffic to me personally as used and Eros Guide extensively to promote myself.  Then things changed and craigslist emerged as a free site for escorts to post their ads, although they usually didn’t attract the best crowds, I for one never chose to advertise there as the level of client didn’t leave me feeling to good about it.  But the idea of giving the escorts somewhere free to post rather than charge the $100 to $150 a month was a welcome addition to a few sites that were probably over charging.  The point being is that there was finally a site on the internet making it easy for escorts at a time where things were being offered for free on the internet.

That leads me to my next topic in this blog, the free escort posting resources.  Craigslsit eventually backtracked off their adult ads due to pressure to remove them, so that free resource was gone.  Then came this was a great site that basically mimicked craigslist and gained some serious traction in the escort business.  This of course didn’t last to long as greed set in and the site rose to some pretty high prices in most of the major cities in the United States.  So there goes another one gone.  There are a couple of sites out there that have been offering free ads but most of them have never had much traffic to offer.  So in response to that we provide you with a list of escort sites that provide free ads and actually monitor the quality of the ads.

1.  TnA Review - Of course this will be first in the list, escorts will be able to post their ads online and actually do double duty as they can link their ads to their escort reviews, all for free.

2.  My Provider Guide - These guys have paid and free options to offer and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with what they've done with their site.  The free and paid ads have been working really well together and look amazing.

3. Cityvibe - Always known for their paid ad service as they were one of the first in the escort industry alongside Exotics and Eros.  Seeing the shift in the market they also now have a free ad service.  

This is not at all an extensive list of the escort sites I recommended but it is in my opinion the best of the bunch offering free ads.  So the question now is why keep paying when you can use these quality sites to get noticed and promote your brand.

Till next time

Kendra XoXo


The Popularity of the TER Review

I must be getting old becasue I had meant to write this blog for a long time and it just kept escaping my memory.  When I got into this business there were 2 escort review sites to pick from.  The first and orignal was bigdoggie and the second was The Erotic Review.  Im just going to talk about TER because thats pretty much where everyone was posting when I got into things.  It was the best site out there for escorts to promote themselves and thats the site that I used the most.  Those were the days, get your clients to write a TER Review and the positive reviews were a great endorsement for any girls looking to make some money in the business.  Things were good for a long time on TER the reviews were coming in, I was getting the business I wanted and everyone was having a good time.  What could be so wrong with that right?  Well the power was the problem, The Erotic Review and TER reviews became pretty much the dominant site for girls needing a leg up in the business.  "Then" owner David Elms recognized the power he had in the business and started to abuse this in the worst possible way.  While I was never a victim of any of the problems realized on TER, I did hear from a number of other girls with stories about how David Elms and TER were holding them hostage by their reviews.  

Im not going to get into the stories that came out, but googling David Elms and even TER will bring up a load of news articles stating the issues that were going on at the time.  The final straw for the site came when Elms was arrested for attempted murder.  Now I dont know about you but if this was going on, I would be quick to find another site and support it so I was not going to be put into this position.  Born was the TnA Review run by a woman, made for woman.  The support never came as expected and TER continued to survive.  While TnA Review and other sites are still doing well and have kept working for the betterment of the industry im absolutly shocked that TER was able to survive and girls and guys alike continued to support a site that was owned by an individual publicly known for extorting women and even attempted murder.  If you have time, check out that chronicles the issues.  Im not here to selflessly promote TnA Review even though im a contract employee of theirs now but to plug any other review site in general.  

The issues may have cleaned themselves up at TER and ownership may have changed, but thats doubtfull and up for debate.  The fact is when the issues were happening no one really cared as the TER Reviews weere pouring in.  There should have been a stop of support then and a little more healthy competition in the market so no one person or company has the power to control an industry such as ours.  Im not in the business anymore but I urge people who are in now or entering to explore the options continue to support TER but also ensure your protecting yourselves through other advertising mediums and escort review site.

Thats my rant...have a great weekend everyone!


I am a little bit shocked to be writing this today, if you had asked me 10 years ago, I would have said you were crazy to even suggest that it looks like has died.  When I first entered the escort industry the biggest site out there and the first to offer the service of the escort directory was but it seems that the end was a slow death to the once king of the internet escort world.  

This was the first advertising medium that I used, Exotics really did transform the escort industry into what it is today; sites you see like Cityvibe, Eros-Guide, The Erotic Review and even TnA Review were born through the concept of exotics.  Over the years as competition grew and poor management reigned throughout exotics, the business slowly withered away.  I still however thought they were a niche player in certain cities, but the site has been offline for a number of weeks now and I can pretty much confirm the site has reached its final resting spot.  After talking to a number of girls I know in the business the memories of exotics and what it did for the industry remain high.  Lots of them have stories about sudden drop offs in traffic, and the constant design changes to the lack of true service that was offered.

Ultimetly this is the cycle of business I suppose, whoever the owners of effectively killed the golden egg that created one of the most profitable businesses in the world today.

So in closing lets all rememeber and give it and its creators credit for creating the business that we know today.

Why you should respond to reviews

Good Evening everyone today im going to be talking about the female side of the escort review

For years the norm in the escort industry has been to hire a girl, write a review and then repeat the process all over again.  I thought this was the greatest thing when the orignal escort review site "The Erotic Review" (hope the mods dont delete my refrence to them) came out and people were using them to review the girls.  I was getting a lot of business back then from my reviews online.  I used to advertise at Eros but then cut that back since I was getting all my business from The Erotic Review and then it happened.  I started to notice some reviews of clients that I had seen that were way over exagetrated.  For example one of the reviews specifically stated that I "swallowed" which I dont do for my own reasons, but the issue with this was that most of the other guys that were booking time with me were expecting me to do those things written in the reviews.  It was causing a number of issues for me to the point where I had to take down my reviews, but was denied that so it came to a point that I had to make mention everytime I got a call and lay out the rules and what services I actually would provide.  It was annoying becasue there were a lot of calls that I had to take that were  expecting a certain level of services and when I told them I dont provide it, I effectively lost the client and wasted a lot of time in the process.

Thats when I found the reponse to the escort review so helpfull, being able to read a review for free and then respond to the escort review was a great idea that the TnA Review had.  Unfortunatly the concept never really caugh on with the girls in the business, perhaps it became to much work and it was just easier to tell the clients over the phone, but at the same time its a nice feature to have if someone lies on the review or gives you a bad rating for whatever reason.  This is just as much about protecting the girls from the escort reviews as it is about the guys reviewing us.

Plus it also gives us the chance to have a little fun, maybe we can even elaborate on the BBBJ the guy was talking about.  Whether its used or not the resource is out there and I would urge the other girls in the escort business to at least consider the usage of this and see where it goes from there.

Until next time!!!


Is there something for us?

We all know about the world of escort reviews, but is there something to keep the girls safe or a way for them to report on their clients like the clients can report on us?

Well ladies I’m here to tell you that there is a service like that if you didn’t know about it before.  Actually there are two services that will offer the ladies a chance to tell other girls how the client experience was.  I mean let’s face it, it’s not like the reviews written on all these escort review sites are perfectly honest.  In typical guy fashion there’s always a need to over exaggerate the facts so if a guy reads the review and goes in with a certain expectation then he may be disappointed with what he’s going to receive.  Allowing the girls the chance to review the guys is a way to not only set the record straight on the review but also keep the girls safe.  If an escort has the chance to read a review on a guy that she shouldn’t be seeing then that’s all we're looking for.  Let’s face it we just all want to have a little safe fun, because there are times when a guy calls you and is a creep and its important to warn other girls about this as well.

Okay im rambling a bit, the first site you can do this on is right here on the TnA Review.  Once you register as an escort account you can post and view other escorts that have reviewed clients.  They call it a whitelist on this site, but in all honesty theirs not to many girls currently using it.  I have no reason why they’re not using it, since it’s a completely free resource for the girls and can make a real difference for them. 

The second site I know of that does this is a paid site (which I don’t like at all) since the escorts already have to pay for their advertising and whatnot.  Its call the National Blacklist, now this site has more usage for this sort of thing than the TnA Review whitelist, but the price is quite steep so it may not be your best option.  I still will always prefer the free resource as long as its kept spam free and actually helps the girls out.

Well there you have it, you can ultimately select whichever one suits your needs but it is nice to know that the escorts now have the same opportunity to review the guys as the guys do the girls.



What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

So I was Las Vegas this weekend for a girls weekend.  I wanted to check out the somewhat new Aria resorts since its been forever since I was in Vegas last.  Everyone whos been a regular on this site knows that Las Vegas is an escort playground and it really is sin city in that respect.

Anyways I digress this really isnt a post about the Las Vegas Escort scene but rather our trip down there.  So we get to Vegas after a great flight on Southwestern, nothing fancy here but overall a good flight.  Take a cab down the Aria; it was night time so the strip looked amazing and full of lights.  When I got the Aria I was amazed at how beautiful the hotel is.   Definitely was the right choice for our trip.  Besides having all the amenities a girl could want being a newer hotel in the middle of the strip is where you want to be.  So here goes 3 nights by Kendra...What a bunch of girls would do together in Las Vegas.

First day was spent at the pool, as should be for some hot 20 something girls in Vegas.  When you have a great body and are blonde in Vegas by the pool you get a lot of attention and any girl will tell you, we love attention.  After the pool we relaxed in the casino for a bit and then went for a light dinner.  Girls got to eat so we went to McDonalds the first night.  Ya I know super classy eh.  But after that we went to one of the hottest nightclubs in the city.  XS Las Vegas we had an amazing time and you'd be surprised how easy it is for 3 hot girls to get into a Vegas nightclub.  Anyways we had an amazing time in the club, had some drinks, did a little dancing and just had one my best nights in a long time.  Went to bed a little tipsy that night, but if your in Vegas you have to check this place out.  

The second night we went out for an amazing dinner at La Cirque in the Bellagio hotel.  This was one of the best meals we had ever eaten in our lives incredibly tasty and just hit the spot for a perfect start to the evening.  After dinner the girls and I decided to check out a Cirque show.  I mean when in Vegas you have to check out at least one of those shows.  So we got tickets to Mystere and went and saw that show.  We were a bit tired so went to the hotel bar, had a couple drinks.  One of us hooked up that night, but not going to name names on who it was but it wasnt Kendra.  Either way it was the perfect end to an evening for at least one of us.  No really the Cirque show was really great and again a must see if you are there.  Actually any of the Cirque shows are well worth the price of admission.

Day 3 last and final day in Vegas, again spent by the pool in the daytime getting some amazing tans.  A couple of girls in the escort business have to check out a sexy show so we went to see X.  What an amazing topless show that was.  The girls are gorgeous and the dances are really hot. Lets just say there were a lot of happy men in the audience and some happy women.  That night decided to go for a nice dinner again.  Went to Gordon Ramsey Steak...It was a good meal but nothing extra special.  Wouldn't make a point of come here again if I was back, but if I was really hungry and by the restaurant I wouldn't say no.  We then hit the casino and gambled away more money than we should have.   After a good nights sleep it was back to Los Angeles to resume normal life.  Sometime you wish you just lived there all the time, but hey would make coming to a place like that a lot less fun.  Its something to look forward to and the girls and I are making sure we make this a bi yearly event.

Thanks for reading.

Kendra xoxo



13 step guide to writing a valuable escort review

Potential clients reference escort reviews as they prepare to schedule encounters. Review sites such as The Erotic Review and Naughty Reviews feature critiques of area escorts from their clients and can provide a wealth of information. However, some of these reviews are plain horrible: they lack pertinent information or are difficult to read due to lengthiness, superfluous details and assertions that don’t belong in credible assessments. When you decide to leave a review for an escort (whether she’s your regular gal or a new one you’ve seen for the first time), it’s important to do the system justice by providing a clear, concise and relevant commentary for use by other potential clients.

Unless you’re an experienced hobbyist, leaving a review may seem like a foreign concept. However, consider any review you may have provided online for products you’ve purchased. Your intent was to be direct and inform other prospective buyers about your experience with the product. That’s, in a nutshell, what your escort review should include. Use these 13 tips to provide excellent escort reviews:

  1. Ensure the information you provide won’t infer anything illegal about the encounter. As you’re writing your analysis, remember that the concept of sex for money is illegal in the United States and in various locations throughout the world. Anything in your review that would lead someone (i.e. law enforcement) to believe that you paid for sexual intimacies can incriminate both you and your escort in criminal activities. And it would be lying. Your escort charged you for her time. She is a classy, fun woman and makes her living through charging gentlemen to spend time with her. Be aware of how the phrasing of your review may be interpreted. Don’t feel that the disclaimer stating that reviews are simply creative writing submissions from site users will alleviate risks of incrimination. Take care of the wording in your review to make sure yourself and the escort you are reviewing stay unharmed. Some reviewers present their reports of an encounter as a dream they happened to have the other day.
  2. Mention your escort’s appearance and how it matched the description in the marketing material. Provide information to let a reader know that an escort did or did not “measure up” to the measurements she listed on her ad. If she claimed to be 36-24-36 and she easily outweighed you by 20 pounds, she is probably misrepresenting herself. However, if she fairly closely matched her description, including eye color, hair hue, body type, skin color and any other detailed physical attributes, it’s safe to give your approval. Specify whether the escort’s pictures were real. Often, an escort will show up looking much better or worse than her pictures on her profile. Indicate to a reader how accurate the pictures are and if what you see is what you actually get. Compare the biography she listed with how she seemed during an encounter. Did she describe herself as friendly, and was she? Did her intelligence seem to match up with the information she provided for herself? One other aspect to include about an escort’s appearance is to indicate whether or not her attire was suited to the type of escort she branded herself as. If she’s a girl-next-door type, her clothing should match that illusion. If she indicates that she’s sophisticated and classy, her clothing should be high-end, professional looking. If her “look” didn’t match her portrayal, readers should know before they book an encounter with her.
  3. Time is important when you’re setting up an encounter. Because an escort charges for her time, she should be punctual and provide the entire amount of time agreed upon. Readers need to know if an escort showed up on time (or late) and if she was a clock watcher. (If she was late, it’s important to verify whether you got the full amount of time or only the remaining minutes of the scheduled tryst.) Trying to end a session early is bad, and you should call out any escort who does this in your review. Provide details about how your escort managed the time, whether she seemed overly concerned with deadlines and the quality of the time you spent together. If your escort squandered away the time in the bathroom, on her phone or with small talk, these are concerns you should address in your review. Other would-be clients may be interested in how time is spent during an encounter.
  4. Give details about the legitimacy of your escort. Legitimate escorts provide good service, as promised beforehand. If you feel that your escort attempted to give you the runaround, scammed you or didn’t live up to her promises, you should indicate this in your review of the encounter. Upon arrival, an escort should be prepared to follow through with things as planned, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, any escort who attempts to charge you more for the encounter than you and she agreed upon prior to meeting in person should receive a negative review. Changing the rate suddenly is an inconsistent and unprofessional business practice that no other client will appreciate. Any escort who attempts to “upsell” you by charging more for additional sexual services is engaging in prostitution, and you should deny her requests. If there was a bait-and-switch, mention this, too. However, as you discuss how she dealt with her rates, avoid providing details about her actual fees. Never indicate that she charged you $150 per hour, or whatever the rate actually was. If she provided you with a discount (or didn’t, for that matter), it’s discourteous to mention her rate. If she chooses to change it in the future, it could cause her problems.
  5. Provide examples about any personalization your escort injected into the encounter. If you requested anything special for an encounter, give your escort praise for efforts she took to fulfill your wishes. From providing special role-playing costumes to baking a favorite treat, escorts sometimes cater to their clients in ways that make them stand out from others. Give props for anything your escort does that required special preparation, planning ahead or exploring a new experience. Indicate how your escort made your encounter a unique adventure, and elaborate about ways that she makes you feel that she is totally focused on you. Conversely, if your escort made you feel that your experience was like every other encounter she has with clients — boring, predictable, trite and repetitive — expound on this situation, too. Perhaps, examples about her incall may provide insight about the personalization that your escort provides to clients through the availability of sex toys, food and drink and other comforts of home. (The attention that she gives to her incall could also be addressed here, along with its cleanliness and security.)
    1. Don’t generalize: your experience with the escort is yours only, others may or may not be able to replicate it. If you love small talk and she doesn’t, don’t call her communication skills poor – say that she prefers a meaningful conversation.

Communication is an important aspect of an escort review. Scheduling an encounter is one of the most difficult aspects of the escort/client relationship, especially in the beginning. Indicate in your review how easy it was to get in contact with your escort, her skill at communicating well and concisely, whether she returned phone calls and messages and how clear her directions were. Briefly describe any misunderstandings or difficulties you had communicating with her. Additionally, it’s important to give insight as to what her conversational skills are like in person. Did she attempt post-encounter contact with you; were her attempts at further contact welcome or disruptive? Specify all pertinent information to readers.

  1. Address your escort’s screening process, as you understand it. It helps prospective clients know what to expect from an escort’s screening process when you provide details about your experience. Indicate details about how extensive or intrusive an escort’s screening process is by including examples of questions she asked you. If anything seemed outrageous about her inquiries, explicitly list it in your review. Give an estimate about the amount of time it took for her to screen you and provide judgment about whether the process seemed complete or lacking. It’s important to clients, too, that an escort has a secure screening process as a way to ensure discretion and safety.
  2. Express whether you felt safe with her. Safety is important as two considerations: 1) Sexual health and 2) Personal security. If your escort appeared clean and hygienic, that’s something to specify. Additionally, if she took precautions to ensure safe sex for both you and her, it indicates she is aware of and probably free of STDs and other infections. Additionally, provide details about any other risky behaviors you witnessed from your escort like drug use, alcohol abuse or violence. If your escort directed you to her incall in a sketchy neighborhood, advise other potential clients about your security worries due to location. Safety is a concern for both you and your escort, so it’s a pertinent and worthy thing to address in a review.
  3. Recommend or dissuade fellow hobbyists from booking an encounter with an escort. Based on your experience, provide details about whether you think a client would benefit from seeing this escort. Perhaps, think of pros and cons to an encounter with her, or just give a simple statement about your advice concerning her. Avoid simply saying you recommend or discourage contacting her — list your reasons.
  4. Always tell the truth. Embellishment is fun, and the review sites DO say the reviews are creative writing submissions, however, it doesn’t do anybody any good to provide false accounts or over-the-top details. Many reviewers provide false criticisms out of spite, revenge or dislike. If an escort has done you wrong, indicate this in a review, without providing fake facts. If site administrators discover that you’re lying through your reviews, they will deactivate your account and remove all of your reviews, often banning you for life.
  5. Don’t trade good reviews for a discount (or a freebie) with an escort. Remember that an escort is doing her job when she sees you for an encounter. Don’t demean her abilities or value by bartering with her for a good review. As a gentleman and a client she might like to see again, provide an honest review in exchange for nothing in return. Also, don’t taint an otherwise truthful review with the promise of providing an excellent critique for mediocre services. Promising to provide a good review could backfire on you; she might be a terrible escort and you’ve obligated yourself to giving her stellar feedback. This may discredit you and your other reviews if readers feel your reviews are inaccurate.
  6. Respect the review process. Clients and escorts, alike, appreciate and benefit from the review process by using these real-life accounts as referrals and recommendations. If you provide false reviews, embellished analysis or overly-detailed accounts, the review process is compromised and fails to work as designed. It is set up to function as concise, accurate descriptions of encounters as a way to link escorts and clients. The system provides insight as to what it’s like to book an encounter with an escort and what a client can expect. If you choose to provide reviews that don’t suit the system’s needs, you have effectively wasted your time, helping nobody. And, remember to be to-the-point. Fellow clients don’t want to read a book to learn about an escort. Provide short, true descriptions for easy reading.
  7. Reread your review for errors and anything that could cause you or your escort trouble. Often, reviewers get carried away and include information that may cause an escort trouble with other clients, get them both in trouble with the law or provide opposite results than those intended. Providing rate, service or time details may create issues for an escort who provided you with a special deal. Other clients may feel shorted or unappreciated if they discover a particular escort didn’t shower them with the same special treatment or charged them more. If your review suggests anything illegal occurred, law enforcement could track both of you down. And, forgetting a word here and there could cause an escort to get a bad review. For example, instead of saying, “She did NOT watch the clock or try to short me on time”, you forgot to type in the “NOT”. This would lead a reader to think she was a clock watcher and attempted to leave early, which is untrue. Edit your review for accuracy and other details.

An escort review can be a very powerful thing. While prospective clients are cautioned from reading them too closely, because they are, after all, opinions, these commentaries also provide valuable insight to closed-door experiences about escorts clients may consider calling for a session. When you take time to write up an escort review, provide accurate details, be concise and tell the truth.


Where is the Future?

Its been a long time since I last posted my blog, and I was just thinking today, what the future holds for the escort industry online.  I rememeber the days when it was simply the big three.  Exotics, Cityvibe, and Eros...Thats pretty much where you went to look for an escort of your choice.

Then came the very first escort review site, Bigdoggie, followed by The Erotic Review which swept in and took the industry by storm.  From then there were a number of other sites that followed including craigslist, tnareview, providerpost, adult directory.  Thats just to name a few of them.  A lot of these sites were minimally used, and then there came backpage.

This site swept in right before the closue and slowdown of craigslist and has be widely popular at allowing ladies to post their profile.  All be it for a pretty handsome fee.

So where is the future of the escort world.  Well it looks as though its fallen into three categories.  The classiest ladies will still always spend the extra money to be on a site like Eros.  The rest will use sites like backpage.  And a number of the other ladies will fall in the middle, with the entire business falling back on the reviews, because lets face it, if they are honest are the most important part of the business.

But it would be nice to go back to the simple classier advertising forms of Exotics, Eros, and Cityvibes wouldnt it?

RIP Craigslist Adult Services 2010

So its official now that the Craigslist erotic services section where many escorts used to advertise is now a peice of history.  I have to say that im not exactly upset about this fact, when I go into the escort industry some girls I met along my travels encouraged me to try craigslist as a way to advertise my services.  When I first started I thought it was a great site, and a great way to promote myself.

Boy was I wrong, the calls were coming in at a pretty good pace, but the quality of the calls was not exactly what I expected.  I stopped using craigslist a couple weeks after I started, and decided to go the paid route, and started using Eros.  What a difference that made, the Eros Guide although a paid medium provided me with a much higher quality of client that I was looking for, and for escorts, a much safer client.  The clients seem to be more distinguished, and the type of client most of us are looking for. 

After a couple of months the reviews started coming in.  The Erotic Review was the first place I had my reviews, I think I missed the entire bigdoggie craze.  Anyways this was an amazing way to sustain the traffic that I was looking for.  tnareview then came along, and Im loving the erotic ads section, I just hope that it stays clean, and doesnt become a breading ground for the low class services, and $5 dollar prostitute sort of places.  So here is more of a message to tnareview than it is about craigslist.  We saw what happened to that site, and how it can ruin the site, and the benefits, so be dilligent  and we will keep using the site, and using the free ads.

An end to Elms - The Erotic Review

As someone that used to be an active member on the erotic review (i hope mention of a competing site doesnt get this post pulled), and having witnessed some of the of the issues that girls were having with David Elms the head of the erotic review, im sure glad there is an end to the story. 

I just learned that David Elms, the owner of escort review site, The Erotic Review has been officially sentanced to four and a half years in prison.  I think this news will bring happyness to a lot of women in the industry that have come under pressure by David Elms.

Now as I was researching The Erotic Review, to find information on Elms, I noticed a press release that was issued by the alleged parent company of the The Erotic Review, saying that they were officially parting ways with David Elms after the recent troubles.   Interesting that just now a release was issued, and not when any of the other problems were happening.  So the question I ask is Who is in charge of The Erotic Review? 

Does the website really belong to an overseas company, as claimed, or is someone close to Elms, like his wife or mother that is running the show.  In theory the site is a great site, but in fact it has been shown to be exactly whats wrong with the escort industry.  There is a saying that a Tiger cant change its spots, or something like that, and its been proven with another competing site Bigdoggie.  They had some legal troubles earlier on in the decade, and have since cleaned up their act to the point their seen as something positive for the escort indusrty.  So using that example it is possible for The Erotic Review to clean themselves up, and work towards gaining the trust of the girls in the industry, but I for one will not be on their site anytime soon.  At the moment the tnareview has gained my trust, and im hoping that doesnt get broken, becasue my next spot would be bigdoggie, and not the erotic review.  Sometimes it pays to do business the honest way, and treat people with respect.

15 Things She Doesn't Want to Hear in Bed15 Things She Doesn't Want to Hear in Bed

1. "Do you want to take a shower first?"

2. Chris Berman.

3. "He shoots, he scores," or any other sort of sports metaphor.

4. Whitesnake singing "Is This Love," Poison singing "Every Rose Has a Thorn," and the remaining 12 songs on your '80s power-ballads compilation disc.

5. Your roommate watching Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style on the other side of the wall.

6. [Gulp] "I don't really keep track. Maybe 35 . . . you know, give or take a few . . . or five."

7. Any comments whatsoever about her intimate grooming habits.

8. "Are those real?"

9. "Julie . . . from the gym" on your machine, saying she had "an ab fab time" at "couples yoga" yesterday.

10. The silent roar of your leopard-print silk sheets.

11. "Let me slip in halfway, and then I'll use a condom." (Yes, there are men who really say stuff like this.)

12. Comments on her sheets. It scares her when you know thread counts.

13. "Do you want to keep going?"

14. "I'm ready for a cold one."

15. "Herpes."

Craigslist's stand over adult services

The online marketplace Craigslist surprised everyone when it pulled the plug on its "adult services" listings a few days ago.

For months the site has been in the crosshairs of attorneys general and advocacy groups for operating what has been derided as a virtual bazaar for pimps and human traffickers exploiting women and children.

Last year the San Francisco-based company removed its "erotic services" section and replaced it with a fee-based adult category in response to pressure from 40 state attorneys general.

Now it has removed all of its adult content in an effort to pacify its critics.

It also adopted a policy of manually screening every advert, and in just over a year rejected some 700,000 for failing to meet its standards.

The firm's chief executive Jim Buckmaster has never swayed from the company's reasons for hosting these adverts.

In a May blog post, Mr Buckmaster wrote:

"[W]e are convinced Craigslist is a vital part of the solution to this age old scourge. We've been told as much by experts on the front lines of this fight, many of whom we have met with in person, and many of whom have shared very helpful suggestions that we have incorporated in our approach.
"Even politicians looking to make their careers at the expense of Craigslist's good name grudgingly admit (when pressed) that we have made huge strides."

Danah Boyd, a researcher at Microsoft and also a victim of abuse wrote in the Huffington Post that the belief that Craigslist is operating like a digital pimp and should be prosecuted is "faulty logic".

"The problem with this logic is that it fails to account for three important differences: 1) most ISPs have a fundamental business - if not moral - interest in helping protect people; 2) the visibility of illicit activities online makes it much easier to get at, and help, those who are being victimized; and 3) a one-stop-shop is more helpful for law enforcement than for criminals. In short, Craigslist is not a pimp, but a public perch from which law enforcement can watch without being seen."

Craigslist has long maintained that its standards exceeded those set by the rest of the industry, including the back pages of newspapers where "erotic" adverts are commonplace and even on eBay which has endured some unwanted attention for the listings on its Spanish subsidiary LOQUO.

Now the company's decision to pull the ads here in the US, and replace the section with the word "censored" has everyone double-guessing the reasons behind the move.

In truth no-one really knows because Craigslist is a company that does not rush to the nearest TV studio to press its case. Even now, given the months of controversy and intense criticism, the executives at Craigslist have kept their own counsel.

But as they stay mum, everyone else is filling the vacuum - from supporters of the change to detractors and from those that applauded Craigslist's stand in the first place to those that derided it.

Depending on what side of the fence you stand in this debate, the basic consensus is that the company took this action as a protest over first amendment rights, it had had enough of the criticism and haranguing, it wavered under pressure from attorneys general and fear of expensive lawsuits and/or it wanted to protect its bottom line.

According to the Advanced Interactive Media Group, Craigslist's "adult services" section accounts for 30% of the site's estimated $122m 2010 revenue.

The Wall Street Journal maintained that lawsuits were not the issue here. Geoffrey A Fowler wrote:

"In a number of legal challenges, Craigslist and other sites including Yelp have shielded themselves against lawsuits involving content by citing the Communications Decency Act. That federal law has been interpreted to provide sites with blanket immunity for content created by users."

One young woman who had in the past sold her body for sex using the then "erotic services" section of the site has lambasted the company's founder Craig Newmark for its move. Melissa Petro in the Huffington Post wrote:

"I hope to never again make the choice to trade sex for cash even as I risk my current job and social standing to speak out for an individuals' right to do so. The simple fact is that people do have sex for money - many different kinds of people for many different reasons, people as varied as those looking to buy concert tickets, sell a collectible or adopt a pet - and these people will continue to.
"Whether the choice to do so is being dignified and protected with its own forum or whether what was once that safe space remains appropriately labelled 'censored', that choice, without a court order one way or another, remains up to Newmark."

Ryan Radia of the Technology Liberation Front said the repercussions are clear:

"Criminals will simply migrate to even shadier websites, further hindering efforts by law enforcement to put child sex traffickers behind bars.
"It's 2010, and nearly 5 billion devices worldwide are now connected to the internet - a freely accessible, unfiltered, unauthenticated worldwide network. As long as such a network exists, it's all but inevitable that it will have a seedy underbelly. Law enforcement officials should investigate sex crimes against children committed using the internet and aggressively prosecute suspected child sex traffickers. Trying to intimidate interactive websites like Craigslist, however, is the wrong approach."

Craigslist has in the past asserted that by not having a special area for these adverts to be posted means they will migrate to other parts of the site. That is exactly what seems to be happening.

A cursory glance in the casual encounters section has adverts from a people asking "let's have fun in your van" to "looking for erotic fun and adventure".

Whatever the real reasons for the censorship decision, others are now looking to write the next chapter of this tale.

The Rebecca Project and the Polaris Project, two organisations that have campaigned against sex trafficking of women and children, wants Craigslist to go further and "censor" adverts on its international sites.

"While this is a first good step in the US, there are still more than 250 other Craigslist 'erotic' pages around the world where children and young women are still being sold for sex through Craiglist," said the groups.

They along with other anti-sex trafficking bodies will hold a press conference later today on the issue.

So do you think Craigslist was right to censor the adult services section or do you think it should be re-instated?

A poll on the news blog Mashable showed a majority in favour of not censoring the adverts.

Even the comedian Conan O'Brien has weighed in on the matter and declared on his Twitter feed that "Craigslist has shut down their adult services section. Looks like the 'used futon for sale' ads are about to get a lot more interesting."