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Get your account connected as an escort account on the TnA Review, simply email us at and send us your username.  In your email include your username, and the link to your review (if you know it) or your email/phone number in the review.  We will respond within 24 hours, you will then be able to read and respond to your reviews, as well as update your profile. 

Benefits of escort accounts on TnA Review

·         Read and respond to your reviews

·         Update your profile for the most accurate information

·         Access to your own personal blog that members can read, a great way to advertise yourself and get your views across

·         Access to a Blacklist, created to protect escorts from badly reviewed clients

·         Quick and easy online ad submissions

The TnA Review was created to encourage fair reviews, and give escorts a chance to have their say in a good or bad review. 

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