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Understanding Sensual and Erotic Massage

Many techniques have since been introduced pertaining to having the body experience the soothing erotic massage. Contrary to all these being related to sex, the deepest and most true erotic massage has less to do with sex and more to do with physical, mental and emotional healing.

The roots of this special means to have the body and mind relaxed and free could be traced to ancient Indian art called Kama Sutra and Tantra. The perspectives of the two regarding human relations has been wrongly limited to sex alone these days, whereas its original forms were about achieving basic pleasure for the body and soul. Today, the erotic massage techniques based on the earlier forms are what is offered in shops, spas and even video presentations.

Despite the varying perceptions of those who teach erotic massage to people, the most meaningful learning about it should be about the art of touching. More importantly, erotic massage should be experienced by the body and mind to help if achieve the highest level of sensual pleasure, and heal the body, soul and mind at the same time.

There are different methods and phases of Kama Sutra erotic massage that includes the most popular lovemaking techniques, artistic applications of herbal oils and gymnastic positions for sex. Such range of approaches and applications must not be taken as replacements for real feelings of love and deep passion. If so, the spiritual achievements intended in doing an erotic massage will not be felt, and instead, erotic massage is limited to that temporary physical pleasure where no soul-fulfilling experience is felt afterwards.

Perhaps, other than highest sexual pleasure, physical relaxation and relief from stress is the two mostly gotten end result of an erotic massage. These stem from being touched at the right parts of the body by a special person who intends to communicate, bond and express his or her love and give pleasure. Techniques that allure and charm your lover are not purely about sex, but instead, erotic massage gives you deeper sense of self-awareness. With these, you let go of the negative energies from the outside world when you get the erotic massage, and your focus is on the titillating movement of hands and body upon your own.

Once learned, the erotic massage becomes one of the strongest and deepest form of conveying love and passion. Just like any massaging technique for therapeutic concerns, it is the art of touch that plays a large part when you are given the massage. The difference is you get it from the one performing the massage, in this case, your partner in life who takes you into a physical, mental and spiritual journey through touching. When doing an erotic massage, you instantly bridge your whole being to the other person as both of you touch each other to be free of the harsh realities of life, stress and insecurities. In doing so a stronger, deeper bond is established.

 In relationships, touching can only be intimate and meaningful if you deeply care for and love someone. More so in the erotic massage where one gets the feeling of being wanted, needed and loved.