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Escort Reviews - The Erotic Review of Escorts
An Erotic Review

For centuries now people have longed for deeper understanding of sex and bonding with the ones they love but are repressed by cultural variations and shyness. Highest pinnacles of sexual pleasure seem to be what adults long for, and yet, it has continued to evade them. This is because sex has been considered an act of coupling and physical satisfaction instead of being a spiritual union of two individuals.

In fact, in many media forms are erotic review articles varying from the basic to the most complex, and they largely point to dissatisfaction. It’s common to read review, article or blog detailing how to achieve greatest sexual experience, ways to achieve the same and how one could learn techniques.

People with sexual concerns would usually open pages of magazines and websites containing an erotic review to expand their knowledge and understand lovemaking more. More and more writers and artists are also pitching in their creativity to erotic review undertakings in these publications, even going out of opining that sex is not a mechanical bodily activity and more of a pleasurable spiritual journey.

But despite the growing number of articles and information that includes an erotic review or two, there seems to be wanting of truly worthy materials that is at pace with the cultures we have today. Instead of presenting sex as just a lifestyle to pursue, an erotic review should veer toward higher understanding of sex; an erotic review should be geared towards appreciating sex as a diverse, challenging but very much achievable spiritual, physical and emotional journey of a person with someone special.

Now comes the material Secrets of Sensual Lovemaking: The Ultimate in Female Fantasy that surpasses any traditional erotic review. The author, Tommy Leonardi, has long been considered a guru in giving women a sexual pleasure, physical release and abandonment of realities as she loses herself in the highest peak of ecstasy. Hence, this erotic review from Leonardi’s book gave enlightenment to thousands who has followed his works and teachings, and thousands more who desire to achieve meaningful sexual relations.

There might be pieces and bits of information already known from previous publications, but this erotic review discusses more in the female sexual satisfaction concerns. More so, this review provides higher level of understanding about the female anatomy and their prime roles in giving highest sexual pleasure to a woman.

The book’s erotic review sheds off the misconceptions about female ejaculation, G-spot, orgasm and other myths about the female’s sexual capabilities. Leonardi explains that a woman is capable of orgasm, given the right techniques of pleasure rendered to her. More so, in the erotic review, Leonardi points out what makes a woman aroused and have a mindset to achieve the ultimate sexual release.

It’s not only women who have benefited from the erotic review as men are scrambling to get their copies of the book as well. And it’s not for the erotic aspect but the educational ideas! Indeed, a key has been found to unlock the woman’s deepest sexual core.