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Are Escort Ads Just Another Pay-For-Sex Scam?

It could be in some places, but for others escort ads are as natural as obituaries. Pardon putting them together on the same sentence but that should serve as a warning – or helpful information, considering that we are talking about a really serious reality about the sex trade.

I have often wondered why escort ads continue to double by the day. Until I got to two studies in the United Kingdom that helped me understand why the sex trade thrives, and even prosper steadily through centuries. The studies state that 10% of 34 year old men have paid for sex and 50% said they engaged in paid sex while on travel to another country. If that is not alarming, then this should be: 46% of these men have either a girlfriend or wife when they had paid a prostitute for a few minutes of sexual pleasure. No wonder why there’s that many escort ads!

On the same side, these two studies also stated 20% of these men have contracted sexually transmitted disease. Do the escort ads have something to do with it? Or is it the men and the sex workers to blame?

Now, I don’t want to be considered judgmental or what. I am merely stating facts veering toward my understanding of the proliferation of prostitution and blatant increase of escort ads. For one, no matter how different the terms are, escort jobs are prostitution jobs made to look good. Another thing is that owners of these businesses publishing their services in escort ads more likely earning ten-fold than what these female commercial sex workers.

More importantly, despite the obvious, laws are being bent, broken and flagrantly disregarded at all levels in the prostitution business. Such circumvention on laws starts at ignoring escort ads that loudly say pay-for-sex, followed by finding means to “hide” the brothel activities with business fronts, ending to legalizing prostitution in some countries like Greece, Amsterdam, Denmark and Turkey.

I know of a few men who have shared their experiences with responding to escort ads or directly soliciting paid sex. Most of them say it’s merely about fulfilling a fantasy, others said they’re not getting enough sex at home or with their current partner or it’s just part of those travel experience and taking advantage of the nights away from home. In some of my readings, I learned men go to escort ads for the cheap thrill, or for specific reasons like they want to have role playing or have control while having sex. That is why they take out escort ads from websites and shell out a hundred and fifty dollars to feel dominant or feel like king.

Really, I see no reason why I should spend that much on sex when I can get it from my girlfriend or my wife. It’s all about safe, healthy physical satisfaction. If these men didn’t have a wife or girlfriend, did what they get from escort ads? Could they not have opted for something disease-free, less expensive and accessible? Like a toy or device maybe? Are they THAT desperate?

I don’t have all the answers. I can only answer one question. And that question is if I have ever liked escort ads.